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As an artist, I am inspired by all kinds of fabric. Often when I see a certain fabric on display, it becomes a fully formed quilt in my mind almost at once. I am inspired by color, nature (especially trees), the lovely textures that surround us in everyday life (like bark or marbles lying on a shelf or a little creature on a leaf), and always, holding me up, are the writings of the Baha’i Faith.

I am constantly learning and challenging myself to new heights and new ideas. I love exploring, learning and creating art using mainly fabric as my medium. Some of my favorite fabric and inspiration come from visiting other countries and cultures as well as the light, cultures, and incredible vistas of my native Southwest.

Some of my art quilts have a very specific theme, but the most successful pieces I think speak to each viewer differently. It may remind one of a childhood backyard, or conjure a soft breeze in a dark forest, or simply inspire quiet contemplation. More than anything I hope to bring as much joy to the viewer as I had in creating it.

Nicole Dunn